Soba tasting and observation | STO

Soba tasting and observation | STO

    STO_Soba tasting and observation

    Red burettes are required.

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    Flat rate up to 3 | Includes tax

    Meal preference

    Eat everythingEveryone is vegetarian/vegan (add. fee 1,100 jpy/class)Prepare regular and vegan/vegetarian sauces both (add. fee 2,200 jpy/class)Have some unacceptable ingredients

    Gluten-free details

    To prepare with gluten-free ingredients, 3,300/person If you had even just one person who requires gluten-free, must check this option.

    Wheat-free details

    To prepare with all wheat-free ingredients, 5,500/class At least one or more person doesn’t accept any wheat product, must check this option.

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